Creative groups

See Events page for details on next workshop on 27th February 2023 or Contact me to book a place at the next workshop. 


Creativity workshops offer you a space for exploration and self-expression.  Working with art materials within a supportive group can help you to de-stress, unblock, find new ways to express yourself and boost your energy and creativity.   


I have 15 years’ experience as a group facilitator in education, staff training and support, and creativity, working in organisations such as Art Shape, the Workers’ Educational Association, Broadway Homelessness and Support and Look Ahead Care and Support.   



'Fun, liberating, self-affirming... I'm inspired to get my own art materials and get creative without getting it right. So therapeutic!'

 Laura Morgan



'Thoroughly enjoyable... Lovely opportunity to dabble in textures in a non-judgemental way. Thank you.'



'I found it relaxing and it was nice to switch off!'



The series of art therapy sessions I have attended have given me a wonderful space and support to explore a very challenging period in my life. It has given me both clarity and opened up new avenues for me to explore my creative, playful self.'



‘Life isn’t about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself.’ George Bernard Shaw