Could art and therapy have the power to enrich and change your life?  


I believe the answer is yes.  


I offer you a space for self-expression and exploration to improve your sense of wellbeing and quality of life, whatever your present experience.  I do this through individual counselling, art therapy and creative group work. 



Typical benefits of my approach include:  

  • de-stressing and feeling more in control 
  • increasing self confidence 
  • boosting energy and creativity 
  • discovering new skills and new ways to express yourself 
  • finding more positive ways of thinking.   

People come to me for lots of different reasons.  Some come for therapy and want to meet me to see if I’m a useful person to work with.  Others come for a taster session to see how they might benefit from a creative approach, wanting to de-stress, un-block and explore.   


If you would like an initial conversation to find out if I can help you, please do get in touch.   


07914 775296


Creative thinking inspires great ideas. Get creating!